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Howe & Yockey Funeral Home

Maruice McCoy and William J. Richardson started McCoy-Richardson Funeral Home at 415 North Broadway in 1946. Mont G. Howe and Glen J. Kessler purchased the business in 1956, and went by the name of Kessler-Howe Funeral Home. James L. Yockey purchased Glen J. Kessler's interest in April of 1970, and with Mont G. Howe formed a partnership of Howe & Yockey Funeral Home. Mr. Howe died in July of 1970, and his widow, Harriett K. Howe, maintained the partnership in the funeral home. In January of 1976, James L. Yockey, purchased the remaining interest in the funeral home from Harriett K. Howe Jordan, but chose to leave the firm name the same, Howe & Yockey Funeral Home. Mrs. Jordan remained active and interested in the funeral home till the time of her death in December 1988.

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